Diabetes? These Homemade Cookies Are Ideal For Your Sweet Cravings

Whoever said that a diabetic cannot have desserts or can’t satisfy their sweet tooth probably did not know that there are number of sweet dishes that a diabetic can enjoy, but occasionally. This popular notion has been challenged by various health experts and nutritionists. They believe that it’s not the dessert that is harmful, it is the proportion of sugar you add to it or the way you make your dessert that decides if a diabetic should consume it or not. According to Dr. A. K. Jhingan, a diabetologist, “Diabetics may indulge in sweets sometimes. Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean that you have to shun away all your cravings or steer clear of desserts. If you are too stringent and don’t allow yourself to indulge every once in a while, you may feel frustrated and binge even more on desserts later.”
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Diabetes: Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean that you have to shun away all your cravings. Image: iStock

However, diabetics need to keep a check on their diet and medication to keep their blood sugar levels in control. Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases that is affecting thousands of people in the country today. It is a condition when the hormone called insulin, produced by the pancreas, is unable to break down glucose into energy, which results in the increase of blood sugar levels in the body. Health experts always recommend diabetics to practice moderation while having desserts. Better still, replace refined sugar with healthy alternatives of sugar like jaggery, honey, coconut sugar, palm sugar and khaand

Diabetic-Friendly Dessert: Cashew Nut Cookies Recipe 

Pastry Chef Janmejay Sachdeva has shared the recipe for Cashew Nut Cookies, which is not only diabetic-friendly but is also quite healthy and tasty. He has used various healthy ingredients such as chia seeds, plain yoghurt, oats, organic all-purpose flour and cashew paste. He has used khaand instead of sugar to make the cookies sweet. Khaand is a sweetening agent, which is a healthy substitute for sugar. 

Other than that, there are nuts that make this dessert even healthier. Nuts contain unsaturated fats, protein and a range of vitamins and minerals that lower cholesterol, inflammation and insulin resistance. As per a study, published in the journal BMJ Open, diabetics must have a minimum of 50 grams of almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts or pistachios every day to control blood fats (triglycerides) and sugar levels. So, without further ado, make this diabetic-friendly cookie at home and indulge.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Cashew Nut Cookies!

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