Delhi Man Drives With Traffic Cop On Bonnet, Let Off With A Challan

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Another cop gave chase while riding pillion on a civilian’s scooter.

New Delhi:

In a bizarre incident, a man drove with a cop on his car’s bonnet and another chasing him on a civilian’s scooter after he refused to stop when he was asked to. What’s possibly even more bizarre, however, is that he was let off with a challan. 

A video of the incident, which took place in West Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh area on Friday, shows the traffic policeman’s cap peeking above the car’s roof as he hangs on to the moving vehicle. When the car finally stops, the angry cop on the bonnet is seen shouting at the driver. 

The other policeman, who was giving chase while riding pillion on a civilian’s two-wheeler, also reaches the spot, opens the car’s door and holds the driver’s hand, the video shows. 

Neither of the policemen were injured and, despite their very apparent anger, the car driver was let off after being challaned, police sources said. 

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