Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar Reveals How Isha Malviya’s Mom Played A Role In Their Split

Abhishek and Isha worked together in Udaariyaan.

Abhishek and Isha worked together in Udaariyaan.

In the latest episode, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui also discussed the future of Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel’s relationship.

As Bigg Boss 17 approaches its finale, tensions have escalated within the house, particularly fuelled by the ongoing clashes between Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya. The animosity between them has reached new heights, with verbal spats and insults becoming a regular occurrence. Recently, Abhishek found himself targeted by Isha and Samarth Jurel, who resorted to bullying him about his mental health issues. The show has also shed light on the past relationship dynamics between Isha and Abhishek. In a recent revelation, Abhishek opened up about the strained relationship he shares with Isha’s mother.

In the most recent episode, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui engaged in a conversation about the future of the relationship between Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel. Amidst their discussion, Munawar probed Abhishek about his past relationship with Isha and brought up the intriguing topic of Abhishek’s connection with Isha’s mother.

Abhishek Kumar reminisced about his time on the Udariyaan set, where he and Isha both worked together. He recounted a particular incident during the filming of a Diwali sequence for the daily show, where he had a disagreement with his on-screen father. This disagreement led to the producers deciding to cut Abhishek from the scene.

In a surprising turn of events, Isha took a stand for Abhishek and refused to shoot until he was reinstated into the scene. This act of solidarity, however, triggered a series of complications. Someone from the set informed Isha’s mother about the situation, and since then, her mother has harboured reservations about their relationship.

Munawar later asked Abhishek about his opinion on how long Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya would be together. Abhishek mentioned that if Isha’s success is greater than Samarth’s after the show, then there are chances of a breakup. He claimed, “Uski Maa hi uska breakup karwa degi (Her mother will get them separated).”

The ongoing conflicts within the Bigg Boss 17 house, particularly the slap incident involving Samarth and the persistent fights between Abhishek and Isha, have left a deep impact on Isha’s mother, Mamta Malviya. Mamta took to social media to stand firmly in support of her daughter and expressed her concerns regarding the situation.

In her social media posts, Mamta Malviya hinted at the possibility of taking legal action against Abhishek for his role in the disputes. She asserted that Abhishek’s actions were causing harm to Isha’s character, and she strongly condemned those who sided with or supported Abhishek in any way.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the weekend ka vaar episode, where the contestants will face the wrath of the entire incident that took place between Abhishek, Samarth, and Isha this past week. According to the upcoming promos, Captain Ankita Lokhande will have the authority to decide Abhishek’s future in the house.

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