Beware! Telegram Is Offering Premium Service For Free But With A Big Privacy Risk For You

Last Updated: March 27, 2024, 08:30 IST

Telegram has a new offer that gets you the premium plan for free

Telegram has a new offer that gets you the premium plan for free

Telegram premium for free sounds like a good deal but the conditions put forth by the messaging platform gets the alarm bells ringing.

Telegram charges a fee for its premium service but the platform is giving you a chance to get it for free of cost. This special offer is available only to those using Telegram on Android phones. But is this deal too good to be true? In many ways, yes. Telegram says if you want this premium service for free you have to part ways with your phone number that will be used to receive one-time-password (OTPs) but for other users.

If you are thinking about signing up for this free offering and ready to give your phone number to the platform, we suggest you strictly stay away from this scheme. The new offer has been spotted by a user on X this week, and understandably it has got everyone talking and worried.

Telegram Free Premium Service In Exchange For Your Phone Number: How It Is A Bad Idea

Getting a premium plan in exchange for your phone number to send OTPs for other users. Just this sentence is good enough to realise that what a bad idea it would be for you or anyone to sign up with Telegram for this scheme.

The bigger concern is that Telegram will be using your number to send up to 150 OTP messages to help other people login to their Telegram account. The platform will happily give you a premium subscription if you do sign up. Telegram is calling it the Peer-to-Peer login program but for us, it is just a privacy nightmare.

Now, you will be wondering about what if these people with access to your number call or message? How can Telegram protect you from such instances? Well, it can’t and as per the policy will not take any responsibility for any harassment or even harm resulting from contacts who now have your phone number because of you signing up for this login program. Seeing these details, you can understand why the offer is only available for Android users. Apple will outrightly block any such offering right away.

Once again, we can’t help ourselves but repeat that the Telegram premium for your phone number scheme is a horrible idea and hopefully the platform decides to roll back the offer at the earliest.

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