‘Bat and ball don’t know momentum’: Gautam Gambhir on RCB’s IPL 2024 Eliminator loss | Cricket News

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NEW DELHI: Kolkata Knight Riders mentor Gautam Gambhir believes that Royal Challengers Bengaluru‘s loss to Rajasthan Royals in the IPL 2024 Eliminator had little to do with momentum. Despite RCB‘s impressive turnaround, winning six consecutive games leading into the playoffs, Gambhir asserted that Rajasthan’s superior performance on the day was the deciding factor.
Speaking to Sportskeeda, Gambhir dismissed the overemphasis on momentum in cricket.

“Even when I was the captain, I had said that momentum is a word that we just use too much. What matters is with what intensity you take the field on the day. The team that plays fearlessly and with courage is the one that ends up with the advantage because neither the ball nor the bat knows the momentum,” Gambhir stated.

Gambhir emphasized the importance of mindset and consistency, particularly before crucial knockout games. He believes that players should treat every game with equal importance, maintaining intensity even throughout the league stages.
Reflecting on the competitiveness of the IPL, Gambhir pointed out that there is very little separating the ten teams in the tournament. He highlighted the league’s difficulty and its parity with global tournaments.
“There isn’t much difference between the team that finished No.1 and the team that finished No.10. If there’s a five-match series between the two teams, I won’t be surprised if the No.10 team beats the No.1 team comfortably. That’s why the IPL is the toughest league in the world and at the level of any T20 World Cup. We all get the same purse and all teams formed are good,” Gambhir said.

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