Areum’s boyfriend confirms she is unconscious, prays for her speedy recovery |

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Former T-ARA member Areum was rushed to the hospital after she reportedly attempted to end her life on the morning of March 27, reported Osen. Her present boyfriend has now provided an update on her condition, stating in an Instagram story that she remains unconscious.
According to Koreaboo, his Instagram story read, “Thank you to Areum’s fans and those who are connected to her for reaching out with your worry and encouragement.Please do not make any unnecessary or weird contact requests [to me]. Please be proper. A person is in pain and unconscious… Please… refrain, I beg of you. I pray that Areum will be okay.”
Hours before this incident, T-ARA’s Areum had shared an incident of domestic abuse, involving her ex-husband Kum Young Gul. She had detailed an incident of physical assault at the hands of her husband, while their child was in the same room. Areum had shared pictures of her bruised face too.
In 2019, Areum married a businessman who was a few years her senior, and the couple now has two children together. However, in December 2023, Areum publicly announced her decision to separate from her husband. She expressed her intention to marry her current boyfriend once the divorce is finalized.
Introducing her boyfriend to the world and revealing their plans of marriage, Areum had shared in December 2023, “I’ve found someone who makes me always want to be next to him. I didn’t want to make his presence known because he is so precious. The love that started as if we were surrounded by auroras has become so true that after thinking about it, we have decided to make it known proudly. He taught me what happiness was as I was tired by so many things, but somehow, maybe he was someone who was in more pain than I was. He was the only one who ran to help me, without knowing if he would be harmed in the process. He is someone who fills my once painful dreams with hope and flutters, and is bearing many things to help make my dreams come true. I’ve really met someone who is so precious, and is someone I am grateful for.”

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