Apple’s In-Box iOS Update For iPhones Kept At Stores Could Be Available From Next Month: What Is It And How It Works

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 15:38 IST

United States of America (USA)

Apple wants to keep the in-store iPhones updated and here's how it will

Apple wants to keep the in-store iPhones updated and here’s how it will

Apple wants to keep the boxed iPhones lying in the store updated, and the company seems to have found a new tech system to make it work.

Apple is planning for a major tech upgrade that will make it possible for the company to push the latest iOS updates on iPhones that are still inside the box. The company has been working on a new tech that will allow it keep the in-store iPhones updated, rather than waiting for someone to buy the device, unpack it and then manually update the iOS version. It is an interesting development, and reports say Apple will have it available for its retail stores by next month.

Apple In-Store iPhone Update Mode: How It Works

As mentioned by Bloomberg back in October last year, Apple’s unique update tech could be called Presto. The company is basically going to attach a metal unit near the iPhone boxes kept inside the store that pushes power to the device.

Now, Apple will use the same tech to push the over-the-air iOS updates without removing the iPhone out of the box. The device will automatically power off when the update has been installed. This way, Apple keeps the iPhones secure and also in mint condition that people can buy without needing to manually update the iOS version.

We’re not sure how the iPhone powers on from in the box just to install the update and then turn off but it is clear that Apple has worked out a way to make it happen. We are hoping that charging these boxed iPhones doesn’t have any effect on its overall battery health in the long run.

The new update rollout system will be available for iPhones kept inside Apple Stores in the US from April this year, with other markets expected to get the support later this year.

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