Anant Ambani’s Haldi ceremony outfit is dedicated to his pet project ‘Vantara’ |

Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani, made a bold style statement at his haldi ceremony, clad in a custom-made ensemble by renowned designers Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. His vibrant yellow kurta set was complemented by a white pyjama and a distinctive half jacket adorned with animal motifs, a nod to his pet project Vantara. Vantara, an initiative close to Anant’s heart, focuses on wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, making the choice of animal motifs particularly meaningful.


The half jacket not only added a touch of elegance to his ensemble but also reflected his commitment to environmental causes, showcasing his dedication beyond just fashion. Stylist Shaleena Nathani unveiled the first pictures of Anant’s haldi look on her Instagram, garnering attention for its unique blend of traditional aesthetics with a contemporary twist.

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Meanwhile, Radhika Merchant, Anant’s bride-to-be, opted for an equally stunning outfit by Anamika Khanna. Her ensemble featured a bespoke phoolon ki chadar crafted from fragrant mogra and vibrant marigold flowers, adding a traditional yet ethereal touch to her haldi ceremony attire. The phoolon ki chadar, a symbol of purity and auspiciousness in Indian weddings, beautifully complemented Radhika’s bridal glow.

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The Ambani-Merchant wedding celebrations have been a spectacle of luxury and elegance, with each detail meticulously planned and executed. Anant and Radhika’s choice of attire for their haldi ceremony not only showcased their impeccable style but also highlighted their reverence for tradition and personal passions, setting the stage for a memorable union that blends heritage with modernity.

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