Alia Bhatt reveals why Ranbir Kapoor looks sad and serious in every photo in an old video: ‘That’s just his…’ |

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A throwback video of Alia Bhatt has emerged online, where she discusses why Ranbir Kapoor appears somber in his photographs. Additionally, the actress divulges who has the ability to evoke laughter and smiles from the actor.
At a promotional event for her film ‘Darlings,’ Alia Bhatt was asked by the hosts whether Ranbir Kapoor laughs or smiles at home.The interviewer mentioned that he posed this question because Ranbir often appears melancholic and serious in his photos. Alia explained further, attributing Ranbir’s somewhat somber appearance in photos to his sunken eyes.

Continuing the interview, Alia Bhatt provided an example, stating that people frequently inquire if she’s tense due to her naturally frowning expression. She highlighted that Ranbir, on the other hand, maintains a cheerful demeanor, often smiling and laughing. Alia further revealed that she is the one who brings laughter and smiles to her husband’s face.

Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Raha’ inspired outfit on Alia Bhatt’s birthday bash

She was quoted saying, “Basically, he has those sunken eyes which make him look either serious or sad but that is just his face. Like very often, people tell me I look tensed with my frown-focused face, but that’s just how I am. That’s just his face. Ranbir is always smiling and laughing, but maybe you can say I am the one who makes him laugh and smile.”

In a previous interview, Alia disclosed that during their dating days, Ranbir didn’t like her bold lip colors and would often ask her to remove them. This led to criticism of Ranbir, labeling him as a ‘toxic’ husband. However, during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, Alia shared an adorable photo with Ranbir, where he kisses her forehead, stating that he is her safe haven, allowing her to be her genuine self.

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