Aditi Rawat To Join Udaariyaan, Details About Her Character Revealed | Exclusive

Aditi Rawat will be playing the role of Simmi in Udaariyaan.

Aditi Rawat will be playing the role of Simmi in Udaariyaan.

With Aditi Rawat’s entry, it will be interesting to see how the equations in Udaariyaan will change.

Days after the popular show Udaariyaan took a 6-year leap, it has now been revealed that actress Aditi Rawat is all set to enter the show. News18 Showsha has learnt that Aditi Rawat, known for her versatile performances and magnetic screen presence, will make enter Udaariyaan in the coming days. In the show, she will be playing the role of Simmi.

Simmi’s character is described as a well-read and educated lawyer whose sole family connection is her brother, who harbours an intense and obsessive love for Aasmaa. Her arrival at the Gill household sets off a chain of events as she claims Armaan’s daughter, Meher, declaring herself as the child’s mother. Simmi’s motive? Revenge. She firmly believes that Armaan and Aasmaa are responsible for her brother Kabir’s demise and is determined to make them pay.

With Simmi aka Aditi’s entry, it will be interesting to see how the equations in the show will change.

Following the six-year leap, Meher and Qudrat find themselves enrolled in the same school, where destiny intertwines their paths, leading to an unlikely friendship. In the episodes to follow, the dynamics between Aasmaa, Armaan, and their daughters will take centre stage, promising a tapestry of emotions and revelations.

Previously, Anuraj Chahal talked about the leap when she said, “Udaariyaan has received immense love from the viewers, and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this show. As we embark on this new journey post-leap, I am genuinely excited for our fans to witness the unfolding storyline. I hope the viewers continue to shower their support.”

Aditi Bhagat also added, “Being a part of Udaariyaan and shooting in Chandigarh has been an incredible journey. The six-year leap feels like a new beginning, bringing significant changes in the lives of Aasmaa and Armaan. The sets come alive with the kids ensuring there’s a lot of fun happening off camera. The team has been working very hard to give the audience a new flavour that keeps them entertained. I hope our viewers enjoy watching us as much as they have been and continue to shower their love!”

Udaariyaan airs on Colors TV.

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